COMO Shambhala By My Side

COMO Shambhala is a healthy living philosophy that combines a deep-rooted approach to wellness with holistic practices, to nurture balance in the body, mind and spirit.

With thoughtful experiences designed with you in mind, be inspired to continue your wellness journey at home. With COMO Shambhala By My Side. 


Meet Our Team

With a deep focus on enhancing your holistic well-being, COMO Shambhala offers a comprehensive range of wellness experiences led by a panel of internationally-accredited specialists.


Deepen your personal practice to strengthen and restore balance. Discover the healing power of mindfulness and meditation. Delve into new ways to recharge your health and overall well-being. 

Let COMO By My Side be your sanctuary away from the studio. All you need to be refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to embrace daily life again.