Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to sign up to access the videos and services on the website?
Yes, you’ll need to sign up for an account and monthly subscription, to gain access to the online videos, live classes or to book an appointment with our experts.

Are the videos streamed live? 
To cater to your schedule and preference, we have two different types of classes: pre-recorded videos and live classes. Pre-recorded videos are available for your access any time once the payment for your monthly subscription is made. If you prefer scheduled classes, check our class schedule here for live sessions.

How do I watch the videos? Can I download them?
Once you’ve subscribed to our service, simply select any video that you want to watch. Videos are not available for download but can be streamed at your convenience. 


Do you have a class schedule?

As our classes are live, please visit  to check the schedule and sign up ahead of time. Do note that our Live class will commence on time. Subscriber admission will be 15 minutes prior.

Do you have a free trial? Can I have a preview of how the classes are going to be conducted before I pay for it?
While we do not offer free trials, you can preview trailers of the video classes that you are interested in.

Can I redeem my Club 21 points to pay for my monthly subscription?
Club21 membership benefits are not available at this point. You will not be able to redeem or earn Club21 points for purchases made on this website.


Can I refund my subscription to join the Live classes?

We are not able to offer a refund for your video subscription. However, you can opt to unsubscribe if you would like to stop your video subscription. 

Besides pre-recorded video and live classes, what else can I gain access to?
As part of our 360-degree approach to holistic wellness, we offer private and secure online consultations with our internationally accredited specialists. This includes our in-house Nutritionist, Naturopath, Life Coach and Mindfulness teacher. Click here to find out more 

What is your cancellation policy for consultations? 
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please email us at at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, to avoid being charged for the session.

What is your refund policy for consultations?
Full refunds will be given only if you cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. 

If I booked an appointment with your expert online and something urgent comes up, can I reschedule it? 
Yes, you can. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please email us at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, to avoid being charged for the session.

I don't want to be a member. How do I cancel my subscription?
You may cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button available on our Website. Please note that your subscription to the COMO Shambhala Subscription will automatically terminate in such event, and you will no longer have access to any of the content available via the COMO Shambhala Subscription. If you cancel your subscription prior to the expiration of your pre-paid subscription period, you will forfeit the subscription fees paid for any unused portion of your subscription, which are non-refundable. 

My subscription will expire soon, how can I continue my subscription?
Your subscription will automatically renew regularly, and unless and until you or COMO Shambhala cancels your subscription, you authorize us to charge your Payment Card for your continued subscription for the then-applicable Subscription Fees. 


What are the recommended browsers to watch the videos? 
The recommended browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.


How do I attend the Live classes? 

You can do so in two easy steps: 



  • Wait in the waiting room, you will be admitted 5 minutes before class starts.

Why am I not allowed into Live class?

You will need to subscribe to COMO Shambhala By My Side,,  pay subscription fee $22.00 in order to get entry into class at least 24 hours prior.

You will also need to be verified by the booking system.


Are there different levels to the classes?
Yes, however most classes are suitable for beginner to intermediate levels. 


Are there modifications for the classes if I do not have the necessary equipment at home?
We understand that not everyone has access to dumbbells, resistance bands or other props. To facilitate your practice, we’ve included a list of props and substitutes that can be used at the beginning of each video.

​Can I save the video if I do not have time to finish the class today?
While you can’t download the video, you can stop, pause and resume watching the video at any point.

Do you support multiple languages?
All our content is in English.

Do your videos have subtitles? 
No, our videos do not have subtitles.

How often are new classes added? 
New classes will be announced via our Instagram and Facebook accounts (@comoshambhalasg) and electronic mailers. To receive our electronic mailers, please click here to join our community.

How many times a week should I practise yoga or Pilates? 
Because everyone is at a different stage on their wellness journey, there’s no fixed routine that fits every single person. 

Do you offer prenatal and postnatal classes?
We will be launching postnatal classes soon. To keep up to date with the available classes, do sign up to receive our electronic mailers or follow us on our social media accounts. To receive our electronic mailers, please click here to join our community.


What is the mode of payment? 
We accept all credit cards and debit cards.

Where do I update my credit card information?
There is no need to update your credit card information. If COMO Shambhala is for any reason unable to effect automatic payment via your credit card, we will attempt to notify you cia email and your subscription ( and any corresponding access to the COMO Shambhala Subscription) shall be suspended until payment is received.

Will I get a receipt? 
The receipt will be sent to your email account within one business day of your payment.

Can I redeem my Club21 points to make payment for the classes and consultations?
As Club21 membership privileges are not available for use at this point, you will not be able to redeem or earn Club21 points for any purchase made on this website.


Is my personal information kept private?
Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.


Last Updated: 4th May 2020